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Zebra Finches Verses Society and Spice Finches? [May. 24th, 2007|12:43 am]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

Hello all.

I have had Zebra Finches in the past. In fact, I had four who all died of old age. This was six years ago however. I am considering getting finches again but now with the Internet I know there are lots of different kinds, 

Society Finches, 
Java Rice Finches, 
Spice Finches, 
Gouldian Finches, etc.

Consider that I have only had Zebra Finches, how would you compare all these other birds from firs thand experience, if yo have kep tthem?

Two particular things I am interested in is noise level, how does that compare? ANd also how does their frighteness compare?

I am doing my research now and hopefully to adopt some finches by the end of next month.

Thank you, finch lovers!


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Hyperactivity in birds? [May. 23rd, 2007|09:26 am]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

[mood |sadsad]

I have a seven year old normal grey male cockatiel. He seems to be unlike the other cockatiels I've met in that he's always... hyper, for lack of a better word. He runs back and forth on his perch all the time and often appears angry. The only way he settles down is if I keep his cage in my bedroom and keep things as quiet as possible for him. I know birds usually like to be in the main room of a house with their people, but Jake hates it. He's completely uninterested in any toys I've gotten him except for, occasionally, bells. Even when he plays with a bell, after a few minutes he gets mad at it and tries to rip it apart until I take it away for a while. The only things he will play with happily for any amount of time are socks, so he always has a sock hanging in his cage (which I take out daily and check for loose threads etc.) When I take him out of his cage he's happy for about an hour, then he gets angry and starts to nip so I have to return him to the cage. I've tried placing him in multiple areas of the house and making sure he has things to look at and to stimulate his mind, but it seems like he gets over-stimulated almost instantly. He frequently needs his cage covered so he can nap (he's incapable of it on his own), and after a nap he calms down for a bit. Basically, he acts like a child with ADHD. I feel terrible for him and like I must be the worst caregiver in the world since he's always so unhappy. Does anyone have any advice for how to keep him even a little more content?

He's on a mostly-seed diet, though I've tried to slowly switch him to pellets multiple times and he just won't eat them. He gets fruit and vegetables and occasionally a bit of boiled egg or cheese, which I have to hold in my hand to get him to eat. If I just put it in a dish he ignores it completely. Any advice on how to get him to eat a healthier diet willingly would also be appreciated.

I want him to be healthy and happy, but nothing I've tried on my own seems to make a difference. Would a mate possibly help? I've considered getting him one, but I don't want him to pass his bad habits on to another bird and end up with two unhappy ones.
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Teh Cute - birds [Aug. 22nd, 2006|12:06 am]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

If you can get down as far as the duckbardment without dying of cuteness, then you're a better man than I am gunga din!

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Smitten!!!! [Jul. 6th, 2006|02:32 pm]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

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[mood |bouncybouncy]

I never thought I would own a bird again after Jonah was stolen. I couldn't bear the heartbreak and never thought another bird could steal my heart the way he did. I was so wrong. Pookie is my birdie mate right now. I have fallen head over heals for this little bird. We are the best of friends and he constantly cracks me up. He keeps me company when I am home alone and is such a goof ball. No one ever told me how much fun this little bird could be. I never considered owning a parakeet.... I love it.



Besides my boobs this is pookies other favorite place to be. He hates it when my hair is up because he cant nestle in it and attempt to "do" my hair to his liking. He often pulls chunks out of the clip so he has something to preen on me. or goes and plays with the baby hairs that fall out by my neck and ears.


I love earings.... my baby decided he does too. Any pair he has to lick, shake and fight. He thinks they are great. One plus to owning a small parrot as oposed to my Jonah, Pookie can't yank my earings out and then eat them whole! Lol.

I know I post alot of pictures, but I truly have fallen in love. I am just smitten with him. Thanks for everyone who has given me advice on caring for him!
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New budgie owner [Jul. 4th, 2006|03:27 pm]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

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[mood |chipperchipper]

I used to own a Macaw. I raised him from a baby. Sadly one day while he was in his outside cage someone stole him. I was at school and my mom was inside vaccuming and heard him scream. Mom ran out and saw the persons running off with him. We found who took him but the police wouldn't help us saying macaws were to common and tons of people own them.... uh huh anyways I was crushed. I have missed my baby so much.

So on Sunday I got a baby budgie, the breeder had 2 babies he says they were 12 weeks old. My boyfriend bought him for me. We are just starting out and he couldn't afford to buy me a $500 bird but thought a little budgie would take some of the heartache away. He was right. This little bird is so wonderful. He accuatly drove me 1 1/2 hours to pick up this baby from a great breeder. This budgie immediatly hopped on my fingers and ran up to my shoulder and started licking my face. He is so sweet. He is green, yellow and blue with a bright yellow spot on the back of his head. We named him pookie which means Little Man. I bought him a cage, I sure hope its correct demensions it is an 18.x13x28 cage with a stand. Is this ok for him? I want to give him alot of room but have limited space ya know?
Right now we are doing housework, folding laundry washing dishes and he is on my shoulder "doing" my hair...or so he thinks.
Well so this isn't boring here is a few pictures of my baby.

This is Pookie.

This picture shows his little blue butt! So cute!

I took this picture so you can see his yellow spot on his head.
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Love Birds [Jul. 1st, 2006|06:16 pm]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

My family used to have a love bird named Patty and this comic really made me giggle because it reminded me how she didn't exactly match her species name.

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Picking up Bobby McGee [Jun. 3rd, 2006|08:39 pm]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

I adopted my budgie today... Collapse )
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Welcome to The Bird Cage [May. 29th, 2006|03:57 pm]
The Bird Cage: where birds come to roost

I opened this community as a place for me to learn more about birds.

I will be adopting one or two or three parakeets/budgies by June 4, 2006. I am hopeful that people will be joining and enjoying the fun and sharing their own experiences with their birds.

All bird folk of all ages (past, present or future) are welcome.
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